Luke Holman, Project Manager

Luke Holman comes from the quaint Graham Texas. His small-town personality pushes the limit of never meeting a stranger. Luke takes this approach to every customer and contact he meets.

Luke was introduced to the construction world beginning at the age of 15. By the age of 19 tried his hand doing seismic work for oil production companies. This led to a productive life in the oil field where his can-do attitude excelled him into a foreman position within 6 months of his hire date. Luke has let his knowledge for construction carry him to places where his experience is needed most.

Florida is where Luke began his roofing life as an Insurance Adjuster. As an adjuster in this industry, Luke has the knowledge that an insurance company adjuster needs with the experience of a Project Manager in all types of roof builds and repairs big or small.

Luke has a passion for success and creates a team-oriented mindset within the Select Family. Along with the combined experience of his fellow Project Managers, Luke brings vast experience within the construction, adjustment, and relations worlds. This translates to success within our industry.

Luke Holman
Project Manager

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