Solar Installations

Solar Photovolatic (PV) Systems consist of solar panels (also referred to as PV panels) that are mounted on your premises. Select Construction provides the service of installing this technology and testing its functionality. We would love to speak with you about our solar system solutions; just call us today, or contact us so that we can call you back.

A diagram explaining how solar energy works.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

While there’s a lot of science behind solar energy conversion, the basic explanation is this:

  1. The solar panels get DC energy from sunbeams.
  2. The energy is made usable (AC energy) for buildings and homes.
  3. A device powers your home with your solar energy, and then the local power grid as a backup.
  4. We sell extra solar energy back to the grid, lowering your energy bill.

Installations and Inverters

With an installation, you get solar panels as well as the device mentioned in the previous section. The device in question is called an inverter and performs the aforementioned roles in your solar energy conversion system. The following video helps explain inverters in greater detail while contrasting three types.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

You probably have guessed that because of the reduction of your energy bill, there is a return on investment (ROI) to get excited about. Solar energy systems are an investment that gradually pays for itself over time, depending on your energy demands. Additionally, solar energy installations can be very long-lasting, going into the decades. As you might infer, solar energy is a mature technology that has gotten more and more efficient over the years. Now that it is commercially viable, the number of solar energy installations grows about 13% every year.

Another factor to consider would be the tax benefits of a solar installation. Nationwide tax credits exist for homeowners who install and use solar energy systems onto their homes. These tax credits will not last forever; the government has already laid out plans to reduce and phase out the tax credits starting in 2020. The sooner you decide to install the technology, the more opportunity there is to use it to save money and get a return on investment.

Finally, there’s the obvious; it feels good to support your home with energy technology that is better for the environment. We are relying less on coal and more on green technology. With solar panels, you are doing your part; reducing the impact on mother nature, and contributing to the lessening of the effects of climate change. Even if someone were to say it’s a drop in the bucket, it’s still your droplet! You made an affordable, smart investment for the optimistic future of the planet, and that’s worth taking some pride in.

Residential and Commercial

If you are convinced that you should install a solar energy system, we offer solar energy installations for residential and commercial clients. If you own a home in a residential zone, or you own a business in a commercial zone, contact us right away, and we will get you started. Depending on your project scope, location, administrative overhead, and current power setup, we will help you figure everything out. Ideally, we’ll be able to get you started with speed, satisfaction, and peace of mind.